Gregory Pizarro Jr

Founder & Chief Strategic Officer
Greg BW.png

Gregory Pizarro, Jr. is co-founder and partner of Rise Ventures.  He is an Army veteran, international human rights activist, public speaker, political operative, and youth advocate. He brings in a decade of experience in management and consulting, helping corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and elected officials reach their goals around the globe. Prior to Rise Ventures, he was a Global Information Security Executive at Bank of America, managing GIS’ business operations to include the integration of risk concepts into strategic planning, risk identification, and mitigation efforts. Additionally, Gregory served in a multitude of roles in the US Army, including Chief of Internal Controls, Chief of Financial Policy, Plans and Operations and as an adviser to the Commanding General at Fort Hood. Today, Gregory continues to serve in the US Army Reserve as a Senior Adviser to the Comptroller.

He has served as a political consultant to two Presidential campaigns and several high profile federal and state-wide elections. He is a regular television commentator on economic, military and human rights policy for NBC Universal affiliates, being seen frequently on national US broadcast and cable TV. Pizarro is also a contributor to several print media outlets.

Experienced strategy and project management leader, political operative, and public speaker with exemplary, verifiable record of progressive growth in the military and civilian environments. Highly knowledgeable and effective leader with a proven record of meeting business goals, developing high performing managers, and increasing organizational effectiveness. Extensive experience in financial management, public policy, marketing and branding, project management. Adept managing and developing personnel under extreme pressure and austere environments with a focus on building organizations, training leaders, and delivering success. Possess a comprehensive background in business development, strategic planning, risk management and critical thinking.