HR Outsourcing

Rise Ventures HR Outsourcing Division believes your HR Department should add value to your business. Every‐ thing we do starts with questioning the value that will be added to the business by our actions. We define value in terms of what is delivered and what business problem is being solved.

We add value to the business by creating and delivering projects that support the business, keeping processes simple and easy to implement, and supporting proactive management practices for the entire organization. This process is designed to align the people of the company with the needs of the business.

HR Expertise

  • Compliance

  • Organizational Design

  • Employee Relations

  • Employee Recruitment

  • Executive Coaching


  • Employee Problem Solving

  • Candidate Selection and Hiring

  • Performance Management

  • Benefits and Compensation Planning

  • Labor Relations


  • Hiring, Disciplining, Terminations

  • HR Policies and Procedures

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Employee Development Tools

  • Process Management


  • Scalable

  • Customize Services to Client's Needs

  • Adaptable Management Style

  • Diverse Experience

  • Affordable and Efficient

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