Product Acquisition

A Strategic Approach

Understanding the dynamics of supply chain forces and staying up-to-date with market happenings such as emerging new sales channels, trending end-user preferences, the impact of technology and emergence of smart and connected PPE. This is the foundational direction at Rise Ventures that helps us to build established, long-term relationships.

  • Strategic Relationships – It is only through a disciplined strategy are we able to build meaningful relationships.

  • Research Oriented- A critical thinking approach to opportunities secures long-term opportunities.

  • Results Driven- Transparency drives success and detailed information for all parties is priority one.

Advances in technology and fulfillment in the PPE industry are changing exponentially. Aglaia Nueva helps its clients by working with established international partners that sees challenges as opportunities and work diligently to solve problems instead of being hindered by them.


Rise Ventures focuses on creating transparent and protective opportunities for all parties. We will work to the best of its abilities to make sure all aspects of the transaction are documented and secure so as to not waste valuable time and money for any party.


Rise Ventures research expertise integrates direct relationships with PPE solution providers; scientists, doctors, factories, manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and sellers (and yes even brokers) all provide valuable insights on the various market, product, and technology trends in the market helping to identify challenges and opportunities in Global Trade Marketplace.


As the PPE industry struggles with pricing pressures, limited natural resources, and increasing commoditization of products, strategic differentiation of products and services will separate winners from losers in the industry. Defining the competitive landscape for the PPE industry is a key aspect to what Rise Ventures offers its clients and we focus on staying on the pulse of innovation with our partners when it comes to due diligence, fulfillment, and new opportunities.


A scientific approach to solutions is the key to any endeavor. As we offer PPE fulfillment, we are also working with companies around the world to make sure that we are ready for what is to come. The PPE world will be very different in 2030, driven by innovation, disruptive business models and advent of smart and wearable PPE products transforming the workplace to a connected domain enhancing worker safety and productivity.

Trusted Partners

Rise Ventures only works with trusted partners around the globe. Not only do we have direct to factory relationships, but we work hard to supply product to front line workers and ask buyers to make donations regularly. We are excited to continue to work hard to help others and grow our partner network.

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